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This counts obstacles that have eliminated competitors who have previously achieved kanzenseiha/total victory in SASUKE, KUNOICHI, and all of SASUKE/Ninja Warrior's international formats (meaning other competitions like Kinniku Banzuke and VIKING are not counted).

There are several rules to what makes a "Kanzenseiha Eliminator" obstacle eligible:

  • The obstacle must have taken out a competitor that has achieved kanzenseiha/total victory.
  • The competitor in question that has achieved kanzenseiha/total victory must have been eliminated after achieving victory (e.g. the Soritatsu Kabe that eliminated Nagano Makoto in SASUKE 8 will not be eligible for this category, since the elimination occurred prior to his kanzenseiha in SASUKE 17. However, the Swap Salmon Ladder in SASUKE 30 will be eligible since the elimination took place after his kanzenseiha). In other words, any obstacles that have caused subsequent eliminations after the victory will be counted.
  • The obstacle must have terminated the season of the competitor in question (e.g. the Stair Hopper that took out Geoff Britten during American Ninja Warrior 8's Philadelphia finals is not eligible for this category, as he eventually still advanced to Las Vegas national finals. However, the Snake Run during Stage One on the same season will be eligible, as his season ended at that obstacle).
  • The obstacle is only eligible on an obstacle in the same competition as where the competitor achieved kanzenseiha/total victory (e.g. although David Campbell had achieved kanzenseiha/total victory on SASUKE Vietnam 2, only the obstacles that have caused him subsequent eliminations on this particular competition will be eligible, and no obstacles on American Ninja Warrior, SASUKE, or any other SASUKE/Ninja Warrior's international formats will be eligible towards him, unless kanzenseiha/total victory is achieved in those particular competitions).
  • The obstacle that caused elimination for the competitor in question must occur during the regular competitions, meaning:
    • Any SASUKE/Ninja Warrior's international tournament is not counted (e.g. the Double Dipper that took out Lê Văn Thực during USA vs. The World 4 will not be eligible to this category).
    • Any SASUKE/Ninja Warrior's team competition is not counted (e.g. the Ring of Fire that took out Geoff Britten on Team Ninja Warrior 2 will not be eligible to this category).
    • Any SASUKE/Ninja Warrior's post-season tournament (e.g. American Ninja Warrior: All Stars Special) is not counted.

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