This category is for competitors who have conquered a special obstacle called the Mega Warped Wall (or simply called as the Mega Wall), which is placed alongside the regular Warped Wall as a substitute sixth obstacle for the city qualifiers/qualifying heats round.

So far,five competitions have adopted the Mega Warped Wall:

  • American Ninja Warrior (since American Ninja Warrior 10),
  • Australian Ninja Warrior (since Australian Ninja Warrior 3),
  • Ninja Warrior France (since Ninja Warrior France 4),
  • Ninja Warrior Germany (since Ninja Warrior Germany 4) and
  • Ninja Israel (since Ninja Israel 2)

This obstacle is a lot similar in design to the regular Warped Wall. However, it stands taller at:

  • 18 feet tall on American Ninja Warrior,
  • 5.25 meters tall on Australian Ninja Warrior,
  • 5.5 meters tall on Ninja Warrior France.
  • 5.5 meters tall on Ninja Warrior Germany and
  • 5.25 meters tall on Ninja Israel

If a competitor chooses to attempt it and successful, they will receive a cash prize as a bonus reward (with a ticket straight to the finals on Ninja Warrior France, a very similar concept to the Speed Pass from the Power Tower during city qualifiers round on American Ninja Warrior 11) .

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