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American Ninja Warrior 10's Cane Lane in Indianapolis

The Cane Lane in an obstacle, firstly introduced as the ninth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 10 during Indianapolis finals.

Competitors must move a hanging cane across 2 tracks, with a gap between the tracks:

  • The first track was S-shaped (similar to the one used on the Swinging Spikes) and had a stopper to overcome. Once the competitors reached the end of the first track, competitors must hoist themselves along with the cane so it could be hung across the second track.
  • The second track was placed slightly to the left and had its first part straight, while its second part was angled downward with 2 pegs to overcome (similar to the one used on the Ring Jump).

This obstacle proved to be very difficult, as 9 out of 13 competitors fell here, including Travis Rosen, Brian Arnold, Chris DiGangi, Tyler Yamauchi, Jesse Labreck, Michael Bougher, Mike Wright and many other veterans. Dan Polizzi, Ethan Swanson, Rigel Henry, and Trevor West were the only ones able to complete it.

American Ninja Warrior 10's Cane Lane in Stage Three

Later on the same season, the Cane Lane reappeared as the seventh and penultimate obstacle in Stage Three, replacing the Time Bomb from the previous season. This time, the tracks' shape was changed to zig-zag, along with the change in design, resembling a beam. However, due to Sean Bryan and Drew Drechsel being the only two competitors to attempt Stage Three, with both of them failing on the Ultimate Cliffhanger, no one had attempted the obstacle.

During USA vs. The World 5, the obstacle was attempted by Drew Drechsel from Team USA, but he failed to complete it.

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 11

American Ninja Warrior 11's Cane Lane in Baltimore

On American Ninja Warrior 11, the Cane Lane appeared as the ninth obstacle during Baltimore finals, with a similar design to the obstacle that appeared in Stage Three on the previous season, but retaining the track's layout as it appeared during Indianapolis finals on the previous season. In addition, a dip, similar to the Arm Rings, was included on the first track.

However, due to the casualties caused by the previous obstacle (the Angry Birds), since the obstacle eliminated all of the competitors who attempted it, the Cane Lane, along with the next obstacle after it (the Spider Trap), were left unattempted.

American Ninja Warrior 11's Cane Lane in Stage Three

Later on the same season, the Cane Lane returned on the same position (as the penultimate obstacle) in Stage Three. Compare to the previous season, the track's structure and design was reverted to the one in Baltimore, however the second track was replaced by a small straight track where competitors had to transit to. This time, the obstacle was attempted by eight competitors and eliminated five of them: Joe Moravsky, Karson Voiles, Tyler Gillett, Kevin Carbone, and Seth Rogers. Only Adam Rayl, Drew Drechsel, and Daniel Gil could complete it (for Adam's case, his completion was considered a clear as he barely grabbed on the resting bar to the Flying Bar before falling).

On American Ninja Warrior 13, the obstacle is replaced by the Eyeglass Alley.

Other Appearances

Ninja Warrior Germany

Ninja Warrior Germany 4's Cane Lane

Cane Lane appeared as the eight obstacle of Stage One in Ninja Warrior Germany 4, with the beam design similar to the version in American Ninja Warrior 10's Stage Three. However, some changes were made compared to the American Ninja Warrior version:

  • The first two tracks are similar to the one in American Ninja Warrior 10's Stage Three, but with no pegs blocking midway these tracks.
  • Another track was added behind the second track, which was similar to the second track of the one in American Ninja Warrior 10's Indianapolis finals, but with only one peg near the end.
  • All tracks had a cane placed at the start of each track.

Ninja Warrior Germany 5's Cane Lane

From Ninja Warrior Germany 5, Cane Lane appeared as the second obstacle of Stage Three. Compared to the version appeared in Ninja Warrior Germany 4:

  • There was only one cane now at the start of this obstacle, meaning competitors had to hop this cane across all the tracks till the end
  • The third track was made nearer to the second track.

This vesion took out Max Sprenger and Moritz Hans.

Ninja Warrior Germany 6's Cane Lane

Some changes were also made to the obstacle in Ninja Warrior Germany 6

  • The third track was changed to be placed opposite with the second track, meaning competitors had to turn the cane like what they did between the first and second track.
  • A rope was added as a medium to reach the cane.

These changes seemed to be vital, as 4 competitors failed, including Eric Zekina, Stefanie Noppinger (Last Women Standing of the tournament) and Alexander Wurm (Last Man Standing of both Season 4 & 5).

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW10 (finals) 4 13 30.77%
ANW10 (Stage Three) 0 0 N/A
ANW11 (finals) 0 0 N/A
ANW11 (Stage Three) 3 8 37.5%
USA vs. The World 5 0 1 0%
USA vs. The World 6 1 1 100%
Total 8 23 34.78%


  • The Cane Lane seemed to be based on the Arm Rings, as both obstacles involved the competitors to slide a curved object down a meandering track.

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