Caleb Bergstrom is a ninja coach who first competed in American Ninja Warrior 11 in Atlanta.

He is one of nine kids of the Bergstrom Bunch, and, along with his sister Caitlyn, is actually the youngest of all of them, at just currently 19 years of age.

His father and one of his brothers previously competed on American Ninja Warrior.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Caleb competed in Atlanta for American Ninja Warrior 11 as a 19-year-old rookie. In qualifying, he became the first competitor to get past the Ferris Wheel, and went for the 18-foot Mega Wall. On his first attempt, he got his fingers over the top, but couldn't hold on. On his second attempt, though, he made it up, thus becoming the night's first finisher and winning $5,000.

During the city finals, he was one of many to fail the eighth obstacle, Up for Grabs. However, he went at a relatively fast pace, so he guaranteed 10th in the top 12 and advanced to the national finals.

In Vegas, he passed through the first 6 obstacles, but he ended up falling on the Diving Boards, and his rookie season was over.

American Ninja Warrior 12

Caleb had high hopes for his second year competing. For American Ninja Warrior 12, he brought along his sister Caitlyn Bergstrom and rookie David Hutchinson to compete. In qualifying, he got through the first two obstacles with ease. But in a huge shock to everyone watching, Caleb splashed down on Ring Chaser after missing one of the bars with his hand. Just like that, his season was over.


  • Caleb is the youngest competitor to complete the Mega Wall, doing so at just the eligible age of 19.
  • He and Caitlyn Bergstrom and first brother-and-sister duo to not only advance to the city finals, but also advance to Las Vegas together.


ANW # Result Notes
11 Failed Diving Boards (Stage One)
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