Burandou (舞乱道) was a Second Stage obstacle introduced in the 6th KUNOICHI tournament, replacing the Fuyushima.

This obstacle was composed of three cylindrical beams, all of which were about 150 centimeters long.

  • The first beam was made of wood and was the most crooked of the three beams. There was a rope dangling halfway across to aid competitors in traversing.
  • The second beam was completely rounded and was made of a much less sturdier material, bamboo. Similar to the first beam, there was also a rope dangling halfway across to aid competitors in traversing.
  • The third and final beam was composed of steel, and had less supports than the previous two beams, with no rope to aid the competitors. Unlike the previous beams, once competitors set foot on the steel beam, it began to shake vigorously, making it the most difficult to traverse. This beam was the most hardest and deadliest, and every failure that occurred on this obstacle, happened there.

In the debut season, with no time limit on the Second Stage (only time trials), the obstacle only wiped out Okamoto Sayaka and Tachikawa Maya, out of 10 competitors.


Miyake Ayako falling off Burandou

However, this obstacle proved to be especially deadly in the 7th tournament, taking out both Nishimura Chie and The Queen of KUNOICHI Miyake Ayako. The strict time limit helped contribute to the failures, as Nishimura Chie cleared the obstacle but ran out of time before she could press the button, and Miyake Ayako failed the transfer at the third beam with little time on the clock. To date, this is the only obstacle in KUNOICHI history to have taken out Miyake, and her failure gave the obstacle a lethal status.

In the 8th tournament, this obstacle wiped out 3 of 8 competitors attempted it: Okamoto Sayaka (for the second time), Nakao You and Inoue Masumi. Despite good elimination rate, this obstacle wasn't brought back in the KUNOICHI 9's redesign course.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNIOCHI Clears Attempts Percentage
6 8 10 80%
7 1 3 33.33%
8 5 8 62.5%
Total 14 21 66.67%
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