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American Ninja Warrior 7's Bungee Road in Kansas City

The Bungee Road is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fifth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 7 in Kansas City.

It consisted of a mini trampoline, four sets of bungee cords, and a downward-angled suspended pipe. Competitors must jump from the mini trampoline to reach the first set of bungee cords and used their upper-body to traverse through the bungee cords until they reach the pipe. Once on the pipe, they must slide it down to reach the landing platform. Using their lower body on this obstacle would result in disqualification.

During Kansas City finals, the number of sets of bungee cords was decreased to three and each set was moved farther apart. As a result, it eliminated five competitors, including James Fenby, Dan Holguin, Gabe Blomgren, and most shockingly, Noah Kaufman.

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 8

American Ninja Warrior 8's Bungee Road in Oklahoma City

The Bungee Road returned on American Ninja Warrior 8, as the eighth obstacle during Oklahoma City finals.

However, the pipe was laid horizontally, making it tougher for competitors to grip onto. In addition, there were only five bungee cords, thus competitors could not get away completely with the "separate hands" trick like on the previous season.

Due to the brutality of the previous obstacles, only 12 competitors attempted this obstacle. As a result, only 4 competitors fell on this obstacle (Brent Steffensen, Andrew Lowes, James Wyatt and Reid Pletcher). Consequently, those 4 competitors still advanced to Las Vegas national finals.

Other Appearances

Australian Ninja Warrior's Bungee Road

On Australian Ninja Warrior, the Bungee Road appeared as the fifth obstacle in Semifinal 2, which was very similar to the Bungee Road during American Ninja Warrior 7's Kansas City qualifiers, except the pipe was angled upward rather than downward.

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