Bryson Klein is an engineering student from Sydney, New South Wales, who firstly competed on Australian Ninja Warrior 2.

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

On Australian Ninja Warrior 2, Bryson earned the second fastest time in Heat 1, just behind Ben Polson. In his semifinal (Semifinal 1), he once again earned the second fastest time, just behind Ashlin Herbert. During the grand final, he earned the fourth fastest time in Stage One and fell on the Unstable Bridge in Stage Two, placing him in the second place overall (just behind Rob Patterson).

Other Appearances

American Ninja Warrior USA vs. The World 5

Bryson was chosen to represent Team Australia on American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World 5, along with fellow competitors Ben Polson, Ashlin Herbert, Jack Wilson, Olivia Vivian. At 20 years old, he was the youngest member of Team Australia.

He competed in Heat 1 of Stage Two against Najee Richardson from Team USA and Javier Cano from Team Europe. Bryson went up last and was able to go the furthest than both Najee (who completed the course in 3:50.86, while Bryson completed it in 3:42.83) and Javier (who was disqualified on the Déjà Vu) and earned the full 2 points for Team Australia.

In the end, Team Australia finished as the runner-up of the tournament, after losing to Team USA in the Stage Four climb-off.


Australian Ninja Warrior 2

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