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American Ninja Warrior 8's Broken Bridge in Stage One

The Broken Bridge is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the seventh obstacle in Stage One on American Ninja Warrior 8, replacing the Coin Flip from the previous season

It contained of six unstable hanging triangles, with gaps ranging from 2 feet to 3.5 feet. The triangles were hung at slightly different heights, with every other triangle being a bit higher.

Likely due to the high elimination amounts of the previous obstacles in Stage One (particularly at the Propeller Bar and Jumping Spider), the obstacle only claimed Chris Boehm as its victim. Due the low knockout rate, similar to the Coin Flip, the obstacle was replaced by the Domino Pipes on the next season.

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 9

American Ninja Warrior 9's Broken Bridge in Daytona Beach

The Broken Bridge returned as the fourth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 9 in Daytona Beach. The obstacle had two modifications on the obstacle. Firstly, rather than being staggered up and down, the triangles were rearranged in a skewed pattern. Secondly, the cables between the triangles were removed, so they would swing independently (rather than as a whole).

During Daytona Beach qualifiers, the obstacle eliminated 6 competitors, including Jason Bergstrom and Hunter Sipes. During Daytona Beach finals, Steven Cen was the only competitor to trip on the obstacle.

American Ninja Warrior 10

American Ninja Warrior 10's Broken Bridge in Philadelphia

On American Ninja Warrior 10, the Broken Bridge appeared in Philadelphia, but was moved a position back to the third obstacle. It swapped position with the Wingnuts, in which both obstacles were used in Daytona Beach course on the previous season. The obstacle itself was modified by adding one more triangle, making a total of 7 triangles. The triangles were still arranged in a skewed pattern.

During Philadelphia qualifiers, the obstacle did much more damage than during the past 2 American Ninja Warrior seasons, as 15 competitors, including Carl Fantauzzo, Jr., Paulina Sterpe, and Helen Lin, failed on it. Since there were a total of 7 triangles, most competitors stumbled midway and attempted to recover, only to drain energy while attempting to do so and consequently tumble.

American Ninja Warrior 10's Broken Bridge in Dallas

Later on the same season, the Broken Bridge reappeared as the fourth obstacle during Dallas finals, replacing the Tuning Forks during Dallas qualifiers. However, the seventh triangle was placed slightly lower than the one used in Philadelphia course. This time, the obstacle took out Brittany Hanks and Andrew Lowes. In Hanks' case, she eventually still advanced to Las Vegas national finals via the top 2 female competitors.

Originally, during Philadelphia finals, the Tuning Forks was supposed to be the third obstacle on the course. However, due to severe weather on the day before the taping of city finals round in that city, affecting the safety factor of the course (particularly at the balance obstacle), the producers decided to keep the Broken Bridge as the third obstacle instead of swapping it with the Tuning Forks. During Philadelphia finals though, no competitor failed on the obstacle.

American Ninja Warrior 11

American Ninja Warrior 11's Broken Bridge in Seattle-Tacoma

On American Ninja Warrior 11, the Broken Bridge appeared as the fourth obstacle in Seattle-Tacoma, with the obstacle still featuring 7 triangles to step on.

During Seattle-Tacoma qualifiers, although only 8 competitors failed on this obstacle, the Broken Bridge was responsible for sparking one of the biggest shocks of the season, and arguably in American Ninja Warrior history, as it had eliminated Geoff Britten from the competition. This ultimately became Britten's earliest exit during his American Ninja Warrior appearances, being his first season where he not only failed to qualify for the Las Vegas national finals, but also the city finals.

Other competitors who were claimed by this obstacle during Seattle-Tacoma qualifiers also included Austin Gray, Chris Crary, and Lucas Simpson. The obstacle only eliminated Christi Marie during Seattle-Tacoma finals.

American Ninja Warrior 13

On American Ninja Warrior 13, the Broken Bridge appeared as the third obstacle during the second episode of the qualifiers. This time, the obstacle was paired with the Burn Rubber as part of the Split Decision. Compared to the Burn Rubber, this obstacle took out more competitors, as nine competitors failed on it, including Sloane Cameron, Derek Miyamoto, and Katie Lanza.

Other Appearances

Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior UK 4's Broken Bridge

On Ninja Warrior UK 4, the Broken Bridge appeared as the third obstacle during the semi-finals, with the triangles were arranged in an arch pattern.

Similar to its appearance on American Ninja Warrior 8 and during American Ninja Warrior 9's Daytona Beach finals, there was only one competitor who failed on this obstacle. Ronnie Bonsra was the only competitor to do so.

Then, on Ninja Warrior UK 5, the Broken Bridge appeared once again as the third obstacle during the semi-finals. This time, there were only 5 triangles instead of 6, making the obstacle harder.

Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior 2's Broken Bridge

On Australian Ninja Warrior 2, the Broken Bridge appeared as the third obstacle in Stage One, having six triangles in various heights.

Australian Ninja Warrior 5's Broken Bridge

This obstacle would later reappear in the same position and stage on Australian Ninja Warrior 5. But compared to its last appearance, the triangles were decreased to five, where the first four triangles gradually increase in height while the last one being lower compared to the previous triangle.

Broken Bridge in the final of Ninja Warrior Poland 3

Ninja Warrior Poland

In Ninja Warrior Poland, the Dziurawy Most (Ninja Warrior Poland's official name for the Broken Bridge) appeared in the final as the first obstacle in the first part of Stage Two. The obstacle consisted of 4 triangles spaced 120cm apart. In addition, the second and fourth triangles were placed lower compared to the rest. The competitor who was eliminated in this obstacle was Mateusz Skrodzki.

Then, in Ninja Warrior Poland 3, the obstacle reappeared in the final, this time as the third obstacle in Stage One. This time, the triangles are of the same height and the number was increased to six. During this season, no competitor was eliminated by the obstacle.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW8 27 28 96.43%
ANW9 (qualifiers) 33 39 84.62%
ANW9 (finals) 29 30 96.67%
ANW10 (Philadelphia qualifiers) 48 63 76.19%
ANW10 (Dallas finals) 24 26 96.31%
ANW10 (Philadelphia finals) 30 30 100%
ANW11 (qualifiers) 43 51 84.31%
ANW11 (finals) 31 32 96.88%
USA vs. The World 3 4 4 100%
Total 269 303 88.78%

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