The Brick Climb (ブリッククライム) was a part of the Second Stage from SASUKE 7 to SASUKE 17.

It was not officially considered an obstacle, but rather a path from the landing mat of the Chain Reaction to the Spider Walk. The wall was approximately 3.5 meters tall and had bricks protruding from the wall's surface. No competitor ever fell off of the wall, save for Yamada Katsumi in his third attempt during SASUKE 12 but completed the obstacle, meaning if the competitors fell from the obstacle, they could try again.

When competitors attempted the Brick Climb in SASUKE 9, SASUKE 11, SASUKE 13, and SASUKE 14, there was a lightning flash effect that took place for a short time via a strobe light.

While SASUKE didn't consider the Brick Climb as an individual obstacle, the Brick Climb was considered as an individual obstacle on Ninja Warrior, which was proven with an obstacle symbol during the broadcast.

Shane Kosugi attempted the Brick Climb, SASUKE 7

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