Brian Beckstrand is a Lowe’s Manager from St. George, Utah. He is best known for the backyard obstacle course that he built for his family.

American Ninja Warrior 7

Brian first competed in Kansas City in American Ninja Warrior 7. His run was cut in qualifying but he finished the course placing 19th.

His run in the city finals was also cut, but he failed the Flying Shelf Grab. Since the majority of competitors failed the next obstacle, the Body Prop, he didn't make it to the national finals. He placed 17th overall at the end of the night

American Ninja Warrior 8

Brian returned to compete in Oklahoma City in American Ninja Warrior 8 where he finished the qualifying course again, placing 6th.

His run in the city finals was digested, but it was shown that he failed the Log Runner, not making it to Vegas.

A few years later, he was shown supporting his son on American Ninja Warrior Junior. His wife, Holly Beckstrand, had also competed on American Ninja Warrior 10 and 11. He tried to compete on ANW 11 in Tacoma, and was selected as a walk-on, but he was selected too late to even get a chance to run the course.


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