Brandon douglass american ninja warrior

Brandon Douglass is a 3-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior.

American Ninja Warrior

Brandon entered American Ninja Warrior 3  as a recent college graduate at age 22. He completed the Qualifier Round with an impressive time of 46.13 seconds, placing second in Qualifier. He cleared the salmon ladder in 2:03:59 in the Semi-Final placing him in 11th place, and qualified for boot camp.

In boot camp, he was chosen for the team the Blue Monkeys. His team lost the team relay on Day 1, and he went up against Dustin Rocho on the Heavenly ropes and won. On day 3, the Blue Monkeys lost the team relay for the second time sending again Brandon to the Heavenly Ropes, where he lost to Travis Furlanic and went home. He earned 13th place in American Ninja Warrior 3 Finals.

In American Ninja Warrior 4, he placed 2nd in the Mid South Regional finals, and was among the top 15 going into the Las Vegas Finals. He breezed through the first stage, but failed the unstable bridge in Stage 2.

He then came back for American Ninja Warrior 5 and snagged the fastest time from Amos Rendao with 46 seconds. He didn't compete in the finals, however, as he obtained a knee injury before the finals and was unable to compete. This marked his final appearance on American Ninja Warrior. 


  • In 2016 he appeared in the Netflix original Ultimate Beastmaster but didn't qualify for the 2nd round, going out on the 3rd obstacle in the first round.
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