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CyanCrewmat CyanCrewmat 14 August

Ninja Warrior (Kids)

This isn't a real show. It's just a fan show I created. It's a short show with not many people. So it's not the normal format.

There is only 20 contestants.

Episode 1 - The Competition Starts To Heat Up!
Episode 2 - The Course Assaults Them!
Episode 3 - Welcome to The Split!
Episode 4 - The Final Chance!

① Floating Steps
② Butterfly Wall
③ Rope Jungle
④ Salmon Ladder
⑤ Unstable Bridge
⑥ Swinging Spikes
⑦ I-Beam Cross
⑧ Floating Tiles
⑨ Warped Wall

Willow Evans
Alex Williams
Kayden Paul
Heaven-Leigh Sanders
Casper Wren-Owens
Oliver Evans-Barnfield
Joe Hillman
Tommie Smith
9. Warped Wall
Cohen Evans
9. Warped Wall
Nina Hopkins
7. I-Beam Cross

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GSN71914 GSN71914 17 June


A lot of people are not using correct grammar on this wiki. They start a sentence with one idea, but end with another, and don't bother fixing. Please improve this wiki with correct grammar.


The Jump Hang was modified in American Ninja Warrior 7, with the top part was raised a few inches higher. Incorrect

The Jump Hang was modified in American Ninja Warrior 7, with the top part raised a few inches higher. Correct

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Judahflips Judahflips 13 April

Judah Ninja Warrior 1

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Hilary James Lyall Hilary James Lyall 22 December 2020

American Ninja Warrior Junior: Shocking Falls

  • 1 About
  • 2 Shocking Falls
    • 2.1 Season 1
    • 2.2 Season 2

Sometimes, I said, "Oh no!", Everytime a competitor fell and another competitor got the win. And sometimes, I said, "Oh no! This whole race is a disaster! We have two competitors down!", whenever the race keeps ending in disaster when two competitors fell.

  1. Episode 1: Hunter Rowland fell on the Spin Cycle, Courtney fell on the Devil Steps, Michael fell on the Devil Steps
  2. Episode 2: Miles Odom fell on the Spin Cycle twice, Kaya and Arden fell on the Spin Cycle, Kacey fell on the Ring Toss, First, Bryce fell on the Flying Shelf Grab and now, he fell on the Tic Toc
  3. Episode 3: Gwen Shaboz fell on the Fly Wheels, Ava Long fell on the Ring Toss
  4. Episode 4: Danika Helland fell on the Spin Cycle, Travis fell on…

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Tyler Bungard Tyler Bungard 24 July 2016

People who did not get cast for ANW8

So as alot of you know, a bunch of talent sadley didn't get the chance to compete in ANW8 this year, which stinks! So I decided to make a list of some of the veterans and I hope we see alot of these competitors in the future. 

Paul Kasmir- Didn't get the call back

Alvaro Campos- I believe didn't get a call back, but not 100% sure

Theo Agu- ?

Michael Burkett-Crist- ?

Dustin Rocho- I believe didn't get a call back, but not 100% sure

Travis Brewer- Didn't get the call back

Almas Meirmanov- ?

Sam Goldstein- Didn't get the call back

Azeo Torre

Jason Tirado- ?

Jason Williams- ?

Zac Eddington- Didn't get the call back

Alan Adams- ?

Brandon Berrett- ?

Josh Cook- ?

Dennis Lappin- ?

Dr. Noah Kaufmann- Didn't get the call back

Tavares Chambliss- ?

Karson Voiles- ?


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Tyler Bungard Tyler Bungard 23 June 2016

USA vs The World 2016 Info

Hey everybody, my name is Tyler and I am a huge fan of Ninja Warrior! Lately I have been looking for info on USA vs The World 2016 and good for you fans I found some. So far I have confirmed some of the Competitors and also possibly a new team replacing Japan.

So getting down into the new team info, I found a photo where they showed the 3 team flags and there was a flag I didn't recognize. But looking at the flags there was no Japan flag so are they out? Not sure

Ok now getting down into the competitors section, I have found some crazy infomation for this years edition of USA vs The World. Instead of teams of 5, now they our competing as teams of 6! Als…

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Tyler Bungard Tyler Bungard 5 January 2016

Ninja Warrior UK Season 2

If anybody is looking for links to the Ninja Warrior UK Season 2 episodes has them and you do not have to download.

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SASUKEFan1234 SASUKEFan1234 10 July 2014

People these days...

Oh, I just love it when I try to help the Sasukepedia community when they think i'm ruining it (Shoutout to RealityPalez on ROBLOX). I started out as a Wikia Contributor and my very first edit was the ANW6 page, when I created it. My latest edit is when I fixed the results table on Yamamoto Shingo's page when the results from the Sasuke Rising era was missing.

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SASUKEFan1234 SASUKEFan1234 7 July 2014

SASUKE 30 Live Blog

I feel the need to make a live blog for SASUKE 30 so, when I tell you the dates, I am going to make a blog of SASUKE 2014 live as I watch it on Youtube.

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SASUKEFan1234 SASUKEFan1234 3 June 2014

ANW 6, Encore Live Chat

In case you missed either the show or the chat, an Encore Live Chat of the Dallas Qualifying will happen on Sunday, Times TBA. If you would like to watch the broadcast along with me during the Live Chat, it will be on NBC.

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TheRealRoadDogg TheRealRoadDogg 15 April 2013

How I saw SASUKE

Well, I was flipping through the channels when I saw this firefighter balancing on a rolling log. He jumped, and was about to fall when the log sandwiched him! I kept watching and he cleared! Little did I know it, I was watching SASUKE 12.

I kept watching it.

And then I found SASUKEPEDIA. I was enjoying it. I had been on Wikia for a while and I found the perfect wiki.

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Cdogy2014 Cdogy2014 26 January 2012

Sasuke 28 predictions

If there is a Sasuke 28 this is my prediction. i predict that no one will advance to the final stage. But if they keep the Ultimate Cliffhanger i think it will be edited. Such as having to jump farther. I believe that Makoto Nagano will make it the farthest

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SalVito22 SalVito22 25 June 2010

Mysteries (Fun puzzle in America and Poland)

This is about a segment show (made up by me) that concerns a set of users to determine a set of entries used for trials. These trials will consist of several puzzles and games. There are 3 stages and you must conquer them all to earn the title of pro solver. There will be an entry time from June 25 - June 30.

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