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American Ninja Warrior 8's Block Run in Atlanta

The Block Run is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the third obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 8 in Atlanta.

Competitors must run across 5 tilted cubes on a horizontal pole that would roll and slide when the competitors stepped on them.

In its debut during Atlanta qualifiers, the Block Run obstacle was proven to be a minor threat, as only a few competitors such as Steven Brickhouse failed on the obstacle. During Atlanta finals, the middle block was removed. While it didn't take out any competitors, many competitors did stumble on the obstacle. 

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 9

American Ninja Warrior 9's Block Run in Los Angeles

The Block Run returned on American Ninja Warrior 9, as the fourth obstacle in Los Angeles. However, the number of blocks was increased to 6 and each block varied in size. This time, the obstacle took out several notable competitors, including Brian KretschBen Melick, Travis Brewer, and Selena Laniel. In the end, it eliminated 13 competitors during Los Angeles qualifiers. However, no competitor failed on this obstacle during Los Angeles finals.

The Block Run during Celebrity Ninja Warrior: Red Nose Day

This version of the Block Run was attempted early during Celebrity Ninja Warrior: Red Nose Day. Unlike during the regular season though, none of the blocks were on an angle, thus making the obstacle slighlty easier. Among the 9 celebrity competitors who attempted the obstacle, only Natalie Morales and Nikki Glasser failed on it.

American Ninja Warrior 10

American Ninja Warrior 10's Block Run in Indianapolis

On American Ninja Warrior 10, the Block Run appeared as fourth obstacle in Indianapolis, and the obstacle remained unchanged from the previous season. Being featured in Indianapolis course, the obstacle coincidentally shared the qualifying course with the Cannonball Drop (during Indianapolis qualifiers) and Fly Wheels (during Indianapolis finals), in which those 3 obstacles were used in Los Angeles course on the previous season.

During Indianapolis qualifiers, the obstacle eliminated several top competitors once again, including Jody Avila, Brandon Mears, Josh Butler, Bill Westrick, Andrew Rowland, and Caleb Watson. It quickly became more dangerous than during the past two American Ninja Warrior seasons, as 19 competitors failed on it.

During Indianapolis finals, although only 2 competitors failed on the obstacle, the Block Run was responsible for sparking one of the biggest shocks of the season, and arguably in American Ninja Warrior history, as it had eliminated the first American Ninja Warrior champion, Isaac Caldiero, from the competition. This ultimately became Caldiero's earliest exit during his American Ninja Warrior appearances, being his first season where he did not qualify to Las Vegas national finals. Alex Bienz was the other competitor who failed on the obstacle.

American Ninja Warrior 11

American Ninja Warrior 11's Block Run in Atlanta

On American Ninja Warrior 11, the Block Run returned as the third obstacle in Atlanta, the same city as its first appearance on American Ninja Warrior 8. This time, foam cylinders were added between the blocks to prevent them from sliding along the axle.

During Atlanta qualifiers, the obstacle eliminated 15 competitors, including several top competitors like Michael Johnson, Bree Widener, and Charity LeBlanc. Several competitors also tripped up but were able to save themselves, such as Travis Rosen (who previously had a severe injury after hitting his ankle to the landing platform from the Double Dipper in Stage One on the previous season), Drew Drechsel, and Jessica Clayton.

During Atlanta finals, the obstacle was proven to be difficult once again, as it took out competitors such as Neil Craver, Eddy Stewart, Alyssa Varsalona, Emily Durham, Ben Wilson, and Jon Dilullo. In total, 6 competitors fell on this obstacle. Many competitors stumbled on this obstacle once again, such as Ryan Stratis (who received a cut on his hand at the end of the obstacle) and Travis Rosen (who had the same problem during Atlanta qualifiers).

American Ninja Warrior 13

American Ninja Warrior 13's Block Run

On American Ninja Warrior 13, the Block Run returned as the third obstacle during the fourth and fifth episodes of the qualifiers. This time, the obstacle was paired with the Log Runner as part of the Split Decision.

While the obstacle retained the style of the American Ninja Warrior 11 version, almost every competitor during the fourth qualifiers episode opted to attempt the Log Runner, despite that obstacle historically having a higher knockout rate. Only Ethan Swanson and Allyssa Beird attempted the obstacle overall and both of them could complete it.

During the fifth qualifiers episode, the producers modified the Log Runner by making the obstacle slightly harder, with the hope of more competitors attempting the Block Run. This time, four competitors ended up failing there: Heidi Jorgesen, Brendan Kelly, Sophia Oster, and most shockingly, Chris DiGangi.

Other Appearances

Ninja Warrior Germany

Ninja Warrior Germany 4's Block Run

On Ninja Warrior Germany 4, the Block Run (officially named the Block-Lauf 2.0) appeared as the third obstacle in Stage One.


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