Benjamin Humphrys is a hairstylist from Los Angeles, California. Benjamin ran the ANW course in support of his 15 year-old brother, Miles, who is diagnosed with autism.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Humphrys first competed in Los Angeles in American Ninja Warrior 9 where he took a hard shot to the face on the first Fly Wheel, but otherwise breezed through the qualifying course with no problem. He ultimately completed the qualifying course, placing 19th overall.

In the city finals, his run was digested but it was shown that he failed the 8th obstacle, the Swinging Pegboard. He qualified for the National finals in 13th place overall. On Stage 1, he failed the second obstacle, the Propeller Bar.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Humphrys competed again in Los Angeles in American Ninja Warrior 10. His run was cut, but he is listed as failing the third obstacle, the Spinning Bridge.

Although it is listed that Benjamin failed the Spinning Bridge, there is footage in previews of him attempting the next obstacle, the Sky Hooks. It is likely that he fell on the Sky Hooks, but was later disqualified for using his hands on the Spinning Bridge (which is not allowed on the obstacle). Either way, Humphrys would not have made the top 30 in qualifying, and ultimately did not at the end of the round.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Humphrys competed again in Los Angeles in American Ninja Warrior 11. His run was once again cut, but it was revealed that he was one of many who failed the second obstacle, Walk the Plank and he once again did not make the top 30.

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