Ben Toyer (ベン・トイヤー), with his full name as Benjamin Toyer (ベンジャミン ・トイヤー), is a pole dancer from New South Wales who first competed on Australian Ninja Warrior 2.

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

On Australian Ninja Warrior 2, Ben first competed in the brutal second heat of the qualifiers. He managed to overcome brutal obstacles such as the UFO, the Cross Bridge, and the Basket Toss to place 4th overall. In his semifinal (Semifinal 2), Ben cleared the first six obstacles, including the difficult Spinball Wizard, but wiped out on the Salmon Ladder. However, his time past the Soritatsu Kabe was enough to squeeze into the Grand Finals in 8th place.

In Stage 1, Ben's run was completely cut, but it was revealed that he managed to clear the course with thirty-seven seconds to spare, moving on to Stage 2. In the second stage, he was the eighth runner of the night. His run was digested, but it was shown that despite a good pace through the first two obstacles, he got an awkward bounce into the Jumping Spider and failed to get his feet up in the walls, ending his run.


Ben competed in SASUKE 36 as one of the few international competitors, and was given a high starting position of #89. He justified his number by clearing the First Stage with 5.70 second left, and followed this up by moving past the Second Stage with 5.74 second remaining. However, in Third Stage, he failed the very first obstacle: the Flying Bar - eliminating him for the tournament. He is the first competitor to fail the first obstacle of any Third Stage since Brian Orosco in SASUKE 26. However, he is the first ever Australian Ninja to ever make it to the Third Stage.


SASUKE # Result Notes
36 89 Failed Flying Bar (Third Stage) Failed transition to the 3rd cradle.
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