Ben Polson (Full name as Benjamin Polson) is a music producer from Perth, Western Australia, who firstly competed on Australian Ninja Warrior.

Australian Ninja Warrior

On Australian Ninja Warrior, Ben clocked the fastest time in his heat (Heat 5) and semifinal (Semifinal 3). He made all the way to Stage Two during the grand final, before going out of the course on the Jungle Ropes, after struggling when trying to make the dismount.

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

AuNW2 Salmon Ladder Ben Polson

Ben Polson touched the water right after holding the bar of Salmon Ladder, Australian Ninja Warrior 2.

On Australian Ninja Warrior 2, Ben competed along with his girlfriend and fellow competitor, Olivia Vivian, and they started competing together from here. Once again, he clocked the fastest time in his heat (Heat 1) and the third fastest time in his semifinal (Semifinal 1). Similar to the previous season, he made all the way to Stage Two during the grand final, before falling the Salmon Ladder. However, there was a controversy of audience about this elimination because his fail is very unique, when he touched the water right after holding the bar, due to face that he is very tall.

SASUKE Vietnam 4

He had competed on SASUKE Vietnam 4 as an international competitor. He completed Stage 1B with 66.44 seconds left and earned the award "Run of the Night". Then he made all the way to the Stage 3, before failed the Hang Climbing. This is exactly where his girlfriend, Olivia Vivian failed.

Australian Ninja Warrior 3

On Australian Ninja Warrior 3, he completed Heat 3 with the fastest time, and even completed the Mega Warped Wall. However, he shockingly failed Bar Hop in the Semifinal 3, and made the first time he missed the Grand Final.

SASUKE Vietnam 5

He made the second trip to Vietnam with SASUKE Vietnam 5. He went through the Stage 1A and cleared the stage with 1:51.70 left. However, this time, his performance wasn't fast enough to gain the "Run of the Night" award again. Then he easily completed Stage 2 with 40.86 seconds left and once again went to Stage 3.


Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

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