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Barclay Stockett is a gymnastics coach from Dayton, Texas.

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior 8

She first competed in American Ninja Warrior 8 in Oklahoma City. Her run was cut, but like many other competitors that night, she failed the Log Runner. This was confirmed on American Ninja Warrior 11's Oklahoma City qualifiers, where it was shown that she tripped on the second log.

She was shown on broadcast cheering on fellow competitor Thomas Stillings.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Barclay attempting the Hourglass Drop in the San Antonio city finals.


Barclay Stockett at the San Antonio City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2017

In her second appearance, Barclay competed in the San Antonio qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior 9. In qualifying, she winded up failing the last transition on the Pipe Fitter but she had the top spot in the women's top 5 plus she grabbed the final spot in the top 30.

In the city finals, Barclay got her revenge on the Pipe Fitter and became the shortest athlete to scale the 14 1/2 ft. Warped Wall. On the back half of the course, Barclay cleared the Salmon Ladder, but she winded up failing the Hourglass Drop, after getting landing too far forward on the mini-tramp. However, she got dog piled on the sidelines by her fans and even though she placed 24th overall, she did get the top spot in the women's top 2 and advanced to the national finals in Las Vegas.

On the first stage, Barclay put up an impressive run making history as the shortest athlete to conquer the Jumping Spider and the shortest athlete to scale the Warped Wall in Vegas. Unfortunately, she timed out on the course just after she cleared the Domino Pipes. (She was the first women to time out on the final obstacle then being followed by Tiana Webberly.)

American Ninja Warrior 10


Barclay Stockett at the Dallas City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2018

Barclay returned in the Dallas Qualifiers for her third appearance on American Ninja Warrior 10, with her even bringing Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin (whom she trained on Celebrity Ninja Warrior: Red Nose Day 2) to see her qualifying run. She was expecting to make history like Kacy Catanzaro did in Dallas four years ago, but a misstep on the Tuning Forks ended her run. After being shown very unhappy in her post-run interview, she still placed 3rd among the women competitors and advanced to the city finals.

In the city finals, she got revenge on the fourth obstacle, this time being the Broken Bridge, and then became the second woman ever to complete Crank It Up after Maggi Thorne. She made it all the way to the Nail Clipper before falling. Although she placed 17th overall, she guaranteed herself a spot in Las Vegas in the process, placing 1st in the women's top 2.

On stage 1, she had a good pace thru the first 4 obstacles, and looked in good shape to clear the stage. Unfortunately though, she had a slight stumble on Jeep Run, and while she did recover, she lost all of her momentum and missed the jump to the first steeling wheel and ultimately failed.

USA vs. The World 5

Barclay was chosen to represent Team USA in American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. The World 5. She was the first runner of the whole night on stage 1. She almost slipped off the Jumping Spider, but was able to recover and got her revenge on Jeep Run. She ultimately hit her first buzzer in just over 3 minutes. Though she did not run after that USA ultimately won the competition.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Barclay returned in Oklahoma City for American Ninja Warrior 11. She was determined to hit a buzzer for the first time in qualifying. Although she fell just short on the fifth obstacle, Coconut Climb, she still placed 29th in the top 30 and 3rd in the womens' top 5. She became one of 5 female competitors to reach the fifth obstacle that night.

In the city finals, she was the final woman to run. She got her revenge on the Coconut Climb, and got to the Crazy Clocks fast enough to qualify for Las Vegas and knock out her friend Maggi Thorne. Although she failed the final transition, she placed 2nd among the women and qualified for Las Vegas for the third straight year.

In the national finals she was trying to hit her first buzzer in regular competition. Although she got revenge on Tire Run, she ultimately gassed out at the Warped Wall.

American Ninja Warrior 13

After missing the previous season, Barclay returned to compete in the first qualifying episode of American Ninja Warrior 13. She was clearly still emotional, as she was shown holding back tears at the start line. After missing the trolley bar on Overpass, she managed to make the nine foot lache to the bar, but unfortunately she didn't get a grip on her transition to the last bar and she ended up falling there. This marked her first time since ANW 8 that she didn't qualify for Las Vegas, let alone the city finals.

Other Appearances

Team Ninja Warrior

Barclay was originally introduced to Ninja Warrior viewers when she was recruited for Daniel Gil's team, Iron Grip, on Team Ninja Warrior 2. In her first race on episode 4, she put up an entertaining performance. Unfortunately, she lost to Michelle Warnky of the Lab Rats after missing her first attempt on the Warped Wall.

After losing Round 1, Iron Grip got put on the loser bracket in Round 2, going up against Phoenix Force. Captain Gil made a huge gamble and put Stockett in the Anchor Run against Cassie Craig. With the team on her shoulders, Barclay clinched the 2 points after Cassie fell on the swing into Cargo Net and then got her revenge on the Warped Wall, hitting the buzzer and advancing Iron Grip to the relay showdown. Iron Grip got their revenge on Lab Rats, and they advanced to the finals.

Barclay returned for year 3 of ANW's team ninja competition, which ended up being season 1 of American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja. This time, however, she switched over to Brian Arnold's Party Time, taking the place of Jennifer Tavernier.

Overall, Barclay's Individual race record within the two seasons was 7-2.


  • Barclay was featured as one of the course testers in the Ninja Warrior UK 5.
  • She got the nickname Sparkly Ninja because her gymnastics students would often mispronounce her first name, "Barclay", as "Sparkly". Additionally, Barclay also loves all things that sparkle.
  • She is the mentor for the 9-10 year old division for ANW Junior for season 1-2
  • She missed American Ninja Warrior 12 to be with her mother, who passed away of cancer in 2020.
  • Also: during American Ninja Warrior 10 she was the only ninja to get by the first three obstacles thrice. (Regular Season, USA vs the World, and with Team Kristine during All Stars.)

Team Ninja Record

Season Episode Round Heat Opponent Team Opponent Result Notes Individual Record
Team: Iron Grip
2 4 (Qualifying) Round One 2 Lab Rats Michelle Warnky Loss 0-1
2 4 (Qualifying) Round Two 3 (Anchor Run) Phoenix Force Cassie Craig Win Cassie fell at the Swing Jump. 1-1
2 10 (Finals) Round One 2 Storm Team Allyssa Beird Win 2-1
2 10 (Finals) Round Two 2 Team Ronin Tiana Webberley Win 3-1
Team: Party Time
3 3 (Qualifying) First Matchup 2 Brazi Bros Brittany Reid Win Brittany fell at the Floating Tiles. 1-0 (4-1 Overall)
3 3 (Qualifying) Final Matchup 2 All-American Ninjas April Steiner Bennett Win April fell at the Salmon Ladder. 2-0 (5-1 Overall)
3 14 (Playofffs) First Matchup 2 Hashtag Ninjas Larissa Cottle Win 3-0 (6-1 Overall)
3 14 (Playofffs) Final Matchup 2 Tri Hards Rebekah Bonilla Win Rebekah fell at the Rumbling Dice. 4-0 (7-1 Overall)
3 16 (Finals) First Matchup 2 Labreckfast Club Jesse Labreck Loss 4-1 (7-2 Overall)

American Ninja Warrior Results

ANW # Result Notes
9 Failed Flying Squirrel (Stage One) Timed out before attempting the obstacle
10 Failed Jeep Run (Stage One)
11 Failed Warped Wall (Stage One) Timed out