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American Ninja Warrior 8's Bar Hop in Oklahoma

The Bar Hop is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fifth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 8 in Oklahoma City. Competitors would have to:

  • Jump to a mini-tramp to reach a bar resting in a cradle,
  • Then, transit the bar from one cradle to another, which was 3 feet in distance,
  • Then, they will use a waiting bar to transition to another bar, which was 2 feet in distance in a cradle,
  • And finally, they must transit the bar to the next cradle and made the dismount, which was 5 feet away from the landing platform.

The dismount was made tricky, because if the competitors didn't swing enough, they would miss the landing platform or touch the water, but if they swung too much, the bar would slide out of the cradle.

Also, several competitors failed on this obstacle, because their grip gave out, as they couldn't hang on when the bar spun after hopping. During Oklahoma City qualifiers, 16 out of 25 competitors who attempted the obstacle could complete it. On the contrary, 9 competitors failed the obstacle, inclduing Brent Steffensen, Mitch VeDepo, and Brian Doom.

During Oklahoma City finals, the gap between both sets of cradles were made bigger, raising the difficulty. As a result, 6 competitors failed this obstacle, which were Cass Clawson, Kyle Mendoza, Jared Bandy, Hamidulah Khazi, Sudul Diahkah, and David Campbell (when his foot touched the water while dismounting, making it the first time since American Ninja Warrior 1 that he didn't advance to Las Vegas national finals/Mount Midoriyama finals).

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 9

American Ninja Warrior 9's Bar Hop in Kansas City

The Bar Hop returned as the fifth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 9 in Kansas City. This time, the entire obstacle was gradually ascended.

During Kansas City qualifiers, the obstacle was nearly as difficult as during Oklahoma City qualifiers on the previous season. A total of 13 competitors failed it: Dan Polizzi, Jeremiah Morgan, Hunter Guerard, Wes Whitlam, Eric Middleton, Brad Spine, Kyle Schulze, Morgan Wright. Alex Carson, Drew Hendry, Bobby Bohannon, Kyle Mendoza (who failed on this obstacle during Oklahoma City finals) and Mitch VeDepo (who failed on this obstacle during Oklahoma City qualifiers). However, 12 competitors completed the obstacle out of 25 competitors who attempted it.

Two unique eliminations on the obstacle occurred in the Kansas City qualifiers. First, during Dan Polizzi's run, he accidentally knocked the bar out of the cradle. This resulted in him having to lache 15 feet to the dismount, which he was unable to do so. Second, during Hunter Guerard's run, he attempted to jump backwards onto the stationary waiting bar instead of facing forward to simply grab it, and as a result completely whiffed the grab.

During Kansas City finals, despite no modification was made to the obstacle, 7 competitors fell on it: Maggi Thorne (who was the only female competitor to attempt the obstacle), Bobby Bohannon, Donovan Metoyer, Kyle Schulze, Tyler Smith, Broc Bebout, and Wes Whitlam. With only 14 competitors completing the obstacle, the Bar Hop became the cut off for the top 15 competitors to advance to Las Vegas national finals. Donovan Metoyer was the only competitor to fail on the obstacle but still make the top 15 overall, as he finished 15th.

Other Appearances

Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior UK 4's Bar Hop

On Ninja Warrior UK 4, the Bar Hop appeared as the fourth obstacle during the semi-finals, with the presence of a cargo net at the end of the obstacle.

However, compared to the one used on American Ninja Warrior, the obstacle became more brutal, as more than half of the number of competitors who attempted the obstacle failed to complete it. Among the 57 competitors who attempted the obstacle, only 26 of them could complete it. With the top 30 competitors would advance to the finals on that season, the Bar Hop became the cut off for advancing to the finals.

Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior 2's Bar Hop

On Australian Ninja Warrior 2, the Bar Hop appeared as the second obstacle in Stage Two.

Then, on Australian Ninja Warrior 3, the Bar Hop appeared as the fifth obstacle in Semifinal 2 and Semifinal 3. This time, the obstacle became much more difficult, as it eliminated many competitors such as Ben Polson. In fact, in Semifinal 3, since only 7 competitors completed the obstacle and the top 10 competitors in each semifinal would advance to the grand final on that season, the Bar Hop became the cut-off for advancing to the grand final.

Australian Ninja Warrior 4's Bar Hop

On Australian Ninja Warrior 4, the Bar Hop appeared as the fourth obstacle in Heat 3 and Heat 4.

On Australian Ninja Warrior 5, the Bar Hop appeared as the fifth obstacle in Heat 2 and Heat 4. This time, the obstacle was paired with the Peg Board as part of the Crossroads' Path A.

Ninja Warrior Poland

Ninja Warrior Poland 4's Bar Hop

On Ninja Warrior Poland 4, Bar Hop appeared as the fourth obstacle in the semi-finals.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW8 (qualifiers) 16 25 64%
ANW8 (finals) 16 21 76.19%
ANW9 (qualifiers) 12 25 48%
ANW9 (finals) 14 21 66.67%
Total 58 92 63.04%


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American Ninja Warrior - Crashing the Course- Oklahoma City (Digital Exclusive)

The Bar Hop was revealed during American Ninja Warrior 8's "Crashing the Course" series, as an obstacle featured in Oklahoma City course