In this event competitors have to navigate a gauntlet of challenges on stilts.

Bamboo Derby I

The first challenge consisted of 9 obstacles.


Stepping Stones


Suspension Bridge

Down Staircase

Hall of Hammers

Water Trench

Log Pile


Kobayashi Hiroshi won this version of the challenge with a time of 1:37.

Bamboo Derby II

The second challenge consisted of 9 obstacles.


Conveyer Belt

Snow Mountain/Green Mountain

Two Curves

Stepping Stones


Suspension Bridges

Hall of Hammers

Broken S-Curve

Takahashi Hiroshi won this version of the challenge with a time of 1:01.

Bamboo Derby III

The third challenge consisted of 9 obstacles.


Moving Net


Wicked Slope

Zig-Zag Decline

Swinging Logs

Pogo Posts


Log Roll

No one made it to the last 2 obstacles, with Dentist Masao Komura and Bamboo Derby II Clearer Hiroshi Takahashi making it the farthest, both failing on the Pogo Posts.


Bamboo Derby I

Bamboo Derby II

Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
Kurosaki Makoto (21) Truck Driver Conveyer Belt
Sato Akio (33) Architect Conveyer Belt
Shizume Hiroaki (13) Student Hurdles
Sakagami Kiminobu (46) Shipping Clerk Snow Mountain
Hishida Kohei (43) Engineer Conveyer Belt
Terashima Naoki (34) Gas Company Employee Two Curves
Tanimoto Akio (33) Blacksmith Conveyer Belt
Nogi Takayoshi (33) Pro Surfer Conveyer Belt
Tsuchiya Masafumi (12) Student Stepping Stones
Student Stepping Stones
Kaida Toshiki (40) Restaurant Manager Green Mountain
Noda Seiichi (58) Businessman Two Curves
Hoshina Naohiro (33) Taxi Driver Hurdles
Ishibashi Hiroshi (38) Businessman Conveyer Belt
Ushioda Akihira (19) Student Hurdles
Sugawara Shintaro (16) Student Green Mountain
Hashimoto Ryoko (15) Student Stepping Stones
Sato Naoki (35) Conveyer Belt
Osaru (28) Comedian Conveyer Belt
Student Green Mountain
Tomonaga Takuma (11) Student Stepping Stones
Obi Masahiko (31) Hurdles
Nagashima Toru (37) Office Worker Hurdles
Takahashi Kunihiko (24) Factory Worker Conveyer Belt
Onishi Takenori (9) Student Stepping Stones
Kobayashi Hiroshi (45) Guinness Stilts Champ Stepping Stones (1st Attempt)

Broken S-Curve (2nd Attempt)

Hall of Hammers (3rd Attempt)

Komura Masao (25) Dentist Snow Mountain (1st Attempt)

Broken S-Curve (2nd Attempt)

Fujiwara Shinichi (56) Engineer Two Curves
Student Green Mountain
Takahashi Hiroshi (58) Craftsman Stepping Stones (1st Attempt)

Suspension Bridges (2nd Attempt)

Broken S-Curve (3rd Attempt)

Kanzenseiha (4th Attempt)

Bamboo Derby III

Name (Age) Profile Result Note
Hirohata Kiyokazu (22) Student Tires
Kakikubo Hideo (55) Printer Moving Net
Sugawara Shintaro (17) Student Tires
Ikezawa Koki (11) Student Tires
Otake Yoko (34) Juice Distributor Tires
Ishii Kenta (11) Student Wicked Slope
Takahashi Satoshi (21) Carpenter Tires
Matsuda Keiji (10) Student Tires
Asai Miyoko Homemaker Moving Net
Maeda Sumiyo (21) Student Tires
Yoshida Yusuke (28) Electronic Salesman Zig-Zag Decline
Kobayashi Hiroshi (46) Guinness Stilts Champ Wicked Slope
Grocer Propellers
Miyoshi Kenta (11) Student Swinging Logs
Oshima Kenji (23) Bank Teller Moving Net
Sugimoto Hironobu (12) Student Tires
Kurazaki Makoto (22) Truck Driver Tires
Mori Autsushi (12) Student Tires
Inoue Youichi (19) Physics Student Wicked Slope
Komura Masao (26) Dentist Pogo Posts
Toyoharu Shinji (54) Taxi Cab Driver Tires
Negishi Ikou (35) Office Worker Wicked Slope
Minemura Takuo (41) Steel Mill Manager Propellers
Hirakawa Eji (29) Radiologist Tires
Takahashi Hiroshi (59) Craftsman Pogo Posts



Bamboo Derby I

Bamboo Derby II

Bamboo Derby III

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