Asya Grechka is a Robotics student from Paris France

Grechka first competed in Orlando in American Ninja Warrior 7 where she failed the Double Tilt Ladder in qualifying, She did get a wildcard spot into Vegas, but she failed the Propeller Bar during her run on Stage 1.

Grechka returned to compete in Oklahoma City in American Ninja Warrior 8 where she failed the Log Runner in qualifying, she did get another wildcard but she once again fell victim to the Propeller Bar on Stage 1. Both of those runs got cut from broadcast.

She competed on seasons 1 and 2 of Team Ninja Warrior as a part of Noah Kaufman's Think Tank. On season 1, she won both of her individual races by outracing her competitors, despite not completing the course. However, she got hung up on the Log Grip in the relay showdown, causing her team to lose against Team Ronin. On season 2, she failed to win an individual leg, falling on the Floating Tiles in her first race, and getting beaten to the Warped Wall on her second race. The team eventually made it to the playoffs, but Grechka continued to struggle on her own. She lost both her races to Tiana Webberley and Allyssa Beird, respectively. Think Tank was eventually eliminated after losing to Storm Team in the Knockout Round.

Grechka has not competed on either show ever since, due to her poor performances, and she was replaced by Leila Noone on Think Tank for American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja.

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