Asaoka Hiroyuki (朝岡 弘行) is a former elementary school teacher who was known as "SASUKE Sensei."

Early Tournaments

He first starting in SASUKE 3, where he was only one of thirteen people to have cleared the redesigned First Stage. In the Second Stage however, he failed the Goren Hammer. In SASUKE 4, he wore #3, and was the first to clear the new Arm Bike and Cliffhanger. On the Pipe Slider, he had difficulty keeping the bar stable, and eventually his grip gave way before he could attempt a jump.

First Stage Struggles

After Akiyama Kazuhiko's kanzenseiha in SASUKE 4, the First Stage was redesigned. Due to the increased difficulty of this new First Stage, Asaoka struggled. He failed the Jump Hang three times. Due to these failures, Asaoka started building obstacle replicas of the Jump Hang, Godantobi, and Cliffhanger. Around this time, Yoshinaga Katsumi was also being called SASUKE Sensei, as he was also an elementary school teacher. To decide who would get the nickname, the two competed on Kinniku Banzuke's Quick Muscle event. Asaoka finished with 191 push-ups while Yoshinaga could only do 146, and Asaoka was given the nickname.

Return to the Second Stage

Finally in SASUKE 10, beat the Jump Hang and cleared the First Stage with just 0.26 seconds remaining. In the Second Stage, he cleared with the fastest time and moved on to the Third Stage. There, he struggled with the Body Prop and fell towards the end of the obstacle. In SASUKE 11, he again performed well, clearing the First Stage for a second straight time. In the Second Stage, his grip gave way on the Chain Reaction and he fell there.


After the tournament, Asaoka took six months off from his job to focus strictly on training for SASUKE. His training paid off and SASUKE 12 was his best tournament to date. Asaoka battled through the first two stages and returned to the Third Stage. There, he battled through all the obstacles and cleared the Third Stage. In the Final Stage, Asaoka put on a great effort, making it roughly three meters from the goal before timing out.

Later Tournaments

Around SASUKE 14, he switched careers and became an illustrator of graphic novels. In SASUKE 14, Asaoka narrowly beat the First Stage for the fourth straight time. He was then able to clear the Second Stage once again. In the Third Stage, he seemed to struggle and on the Cliffhanger he failed the transition from the first to second ledge. He competed once more in SASUKE 15. While he was all cut from any broadcast, it is known that Asaoka timed out at the top of the Rope Climb in the First Stage.


Asaoka also has competed once on Viking. There, he cleared the First Marine Stage and was able to survive the Brain Ship Stage to move on to the Second Adventure Stage. There, he performed well, but timed out on the final obstacle, the Heavenly Climb.



SASUKE # Result Notes
3 34 Failed Goren Hammer (Second Stage)
4 3 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage)
5 27 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
6 15 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
7 29 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
10 954 Failed Body Prop (Third Stage)
11 58 Failed Chain Reaction (Second Stage)
12 72 Failed Tsuna Nobori (Final Stage) Time Out. About 20m up.
14 80 Failed Cliff Hanger (Third Stage)
15 91 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out, All Cut.


VIKING # Result Notes
2 61 Failed Heavenly Climb (Second Adventure Stage) Time Out.


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