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Arm Bike (アームバイク) is a Third Stage obstacle introduced in SASUKE 4 as the third obstacle, replacing Hang Move from the previous two tournaments. Competitors must use their arms to pedal a bike onto a track (5 metres in distance), similar to the way a person pedaled a bike with their feet. It act as energy waster for Cliffhanger that was placed as the next obstacle, but it was not deadly, so no one ever fail it, prompting the producers to replace it with Lamp Grasper in SASUKE 9.

Kane Kosugi attempting Arm Bike in SASUKE 8

Kane Kosugi attempting Arm Bike in SASUKE 8, viewed from close range

Takahashi Kenji attempting Arm Bike in SASUKE 18

Close range view of the transition from Arm Rings to Arm Bike as seen during Takahashi Kenji's run in SASUKE 18

However, the Arm Bike would make two one-off appearances afterwards. First is in SASUKE 18, where it was placed as the second obstacle and directly following Arm Rings, before being replaced by Kudari Lamp Grasper in the following tournament.

Nagano Makoto attempting Arm Bike in SASUKE 27

Second is in SASUKE 27, where it was placed as the first obstacle, making it being the first obstacle to been placed as the first, second, and third obstacle in any SASUKE's stage it appeared in, before being followed by Tsuna Nobori in Final Stage. However, just like in SASUKE 18, it was directly replaced in the following tournament, this time by the returning Rumbling Dice.

KUNOICHI Appearance

Arm Bike (アームバイク) will later appeared as the third obstacle in BLACK Stage (Third Stage) from KUNOICHI 2017 Summer onwards. Just like in SASUKE, it was functioned as energy waster, hence no one has ever failed on the obstacle.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.


SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
4 10 10 100%
5 1 1 100%
6 2 2 100%
7 3 3 100%
8 3 3 100%
18 3 3 100%
27 10 10 100%
Total 32 32 100%


KUNOICHI Clears Attempts Percentage
2017 Summer 3 3 100%
11 4 4 100%
Total 7 7 100%