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American Ninja Warrior 7's Area 51 in Stage Three

Area 51 is an obstacle, firstly introduced on American Ninja Warrior 7, as the seventh and penultimate obstacle in Stage Three, replacing the Spider Flip from the past three American Ninja Warrior seasons.

Competitors must use their arms and legs to navigate through six suspended rotating disks (shaped like a flying saucer/UFO), until they reached the resting bar of the Flying Bar. Three competitors (Ian Dory, Isaac Caldiero, and Geoff Britten) could reach and complete the obstacle.

However, during USA vs. The World 2, the obstacle took out Matachi Ryo from Team Japan.


  • This obstacle is named after an Air Force facility in the United States at the state of Nevada (the National Finals is filmed at the same state), which is a central component to flying saucer/UFO folklore.

-07- UFO Slider.png

  • On several Ninja Warrior's international formats (e.g. Ninja Warrior UK, Ninja Warrior Sweden, and Australian Ninja Warrior), the disk of this obstacle was made as an individual obstacle, called as the UFO.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found.
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
7 3 3 100%
USA vs. The World 2 5 6 83.33%
Total 8 9 88.89%

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