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American Ninja Warrior 10's Archer Steps

The Archer Steps is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the first obstacle in every city finals course on American Ninja Warrior 10, replacing the Floating Steps during city qualifiers.

It consisted of two large triangular-shaped boards that were placed on an incline. The boards would spin when the competitors stepped on them.

Competitors must run across the boards to grab the rope and swing it to reach the landing platform (in a similar fashion to the Sonic Swing).

In its first season appearance, the obstacle had taken out four competitors: Karen Wiltin (during Dallas finals), Casey Rothschild and Cara Poalillo (both during Philadelphia finals), and Justin Cranmer (during Minneapolis finals).

Archer Alley

A variation of the Archer Steps (called as the Archer Alley) appeared as the first obstacle in Stage One, replacing the Snake Run from the past two American Ninja Warrior seasons. This time, the number of boards was increased to three, with the boards being placed alternately and thinner than the ones used on the Archer Steps.

Overall, the obstacle had been eliminated 6 competitors. However, in a shocking coincidence, five out of the six victims on this obstacle were female competitors, which were Michelle Warnky, Allyssa Beird, Anna Shumaker, Emily Durham, and Zhanique Lovett. Because of this, only 7 out of 12 female competitors competing in Las Vegas national finals on this season were able to complete the obstacle.

The only exception to this was Kyle Schulze, who was the other competitor to fail on the obstacle. This left him as the odd one out, being the only male competitor to do so. In short, like its predecessor (the Archer Steps) during city finals on the same season, only one male competitor had failed on each of these two obstacles entirely.

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 11

American Ninja Warrior 11's Archer Alley in Stage One

On American Ninja Warrior 11, the Archer Alley returned as the first obstacle in Stage One. This time, the boards were made thicker. As a result, no one failed on the obstacle.

On American Ninja Warrior 13, the obstacle was replaced by the Slide Surfer.

Other Appearances

Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior UK 5's Archers Steps

On Ninja Warrior UK 5, the Archer Steps (named as the Archers Steps) appeared as the first obstacle during the finals' Stage 1.

Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior 3's Archer Steps

On Australian Ninja Warrior 3, the Archer Steps appeared as the first obstacle during the semifinals.

Later on the same season, the obstacle reappeared as the first obstacle in Stage One. This time, the rope was removed.

Ninja Warrior Germany

Ninja Warrior Germany 6's Archer Steps

On Ninja Warrior Germany 6, the Archer Steps appeared as the first obstacle of Stage One.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found

Archer Steps

ANW City Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW10 Los Angeles 34 34 100%
Dallas 32 33 96.97%
Miami 32 32 100%
Indianapolis 32 32 100%
Philadelphia 30 32 93.75%
Minneapolis 32 33 96.97%
Total 192 196 97.96%

Archer Alley

ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW10 91 97 93.81%
ANW11 88 88 100%
USA vs. The World 5 6 6 100%
USA vs. The World 6 9 9 100%
Total 194 200 97%

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