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Arashida Ryoichi (嵐田 良一) is the President of Nagai Road Cutter Ltd., a concrete and asphalt cutting construction company, who has competed three times, in SASUKE 23, SASUKE 29 and SASUKE 31.


Arashida first wanted to compete in SASUKE around the year 2000. However at that time, he had just started his company and had too much work to seriously train. Over the next ten years, Arashida built his company and body, training for SASUKE along the way. His first attempt to make it onto the show was for SASUKE 20 in 2008. State of the work.jpg

Arashida Park

Arashida lives in Yamagata Prefecture in Japan, roughly 350km (about 220 miles) north of Tokyo. Yamagata is a heavy snowfall area, and much of the winter months are under snow. Therefore, Arashida rents out a warehouse for 1 million yen per year and builds many SASUKE replicas there. All of the obstacles cost about 4 million yen and took about three months to build with the help of an employee in Arashida's company. The park is called Arashida Park and is a popular training ground for Arashida and many other SASUKE qualifiers such as the Unlimited Cliffers, Kanno Hitoshi, and more. Obstacles in Arashida Park include:

Shin-Cliffhanger Kanno Hitoshi at Arashida Park

Soritatsu Kabe Wataru Mori and Kobayashi Hirotsugu on the Soritatsu Kabe at Arashida Park

Jumping Spider O0480080010223874752.jpg

Qualifying and Competition History

Arashida first attempted to compete in SASUKE 20. He was one of thousands to send in an application to TBS, but was not selected. Arashida then competed in the SASUKE 21 Trials. He could not send in an application to SASUKE 22 due to work, but sent one in for SASUKE 23 and was selected to compete.

In SASUKE 23, Arashida wore #59 and he timed out on the Soritatsu Kabe. He was all cut from the TBS broadcast.

In SASUKE 29, Arashida wore #40 and he failed Hedgehog. Once again, he was all cut from the TBS broadcast.

In SASUKE 31, Arashida wore #77 and he failed Log Grip. Once more again, he was all cut from the TBS broadcast.

3 years later, he competed in SASUKE Vietnam 4 as an international competitor. This is the first time his run was shown, but sadly, he was one of the many failed the deadly second obstacle Tick Tock.

Other Photos (Courtesy of Arashida Ryoichi)

With Urushihara&Kanno.jpg With Mr.sasuke in muscle park.jpg Arashida with Levi Meeuwenberg, SASUKE 23, © Arashida Ryoichi Arashida at the start line of SASUKE 23, © Shane Daniels


SASUKE # Result Notes
23 59 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) All Cut. Time Out
29 40 Failed Hedgehog (First Stage) All Cut
31 77 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) All Cut