Anna Shumaker is a personal trainer from Sacramento, California.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Anna first competed in Los Angeles in American Ninja Warrior 9. Her run was all cut, but it's known that she failed on the Fly Wheels, and didn't make the top 5 women.

American Ninja Warrior 10

She returned LA in American Ninja Warrior 10. Her run in qualifying was digested but it was shown that she fell on the Doorknob Drop. She did manage place 4th overall in the women's top 5, which advanced her to the city finals for the first time.

In the city finals, she made it past the Doorknob Drop, earning the nickname Anna "Playmaker" Shumaker. She then made history as the eleventh woman to scale the Warped Wall in competition. She then demolished the Salmon Ladder, and on the Giant Cubes, she attempted to do the splits on the obstacle but failed. She ultimately placed 2nd overall in the womens' top 2 and advanced to the national finals.

Her run on Stage 1 was digested but it was shown that she failed Archer Alley.

American Ninja Warrior 11

She returned in ANW 11, where in a massive surprise to many, she fell on just the second obstacle, Walk the Plank. However, due to the extreme amounts of falls on that obstacle and the Shrinking Steps, her time to the obstacle placed her 4th overall in the womens' top 5, barely making it to the city finals.

During the city finals, she turned her failure around. After an abrupt failure on the second obstacle, she completed it, albeit taking a hard landing. However, she couldn’t scale the Warped Wall (although she was able to complete it in ANW 10’s city finals). Even still, she placed 2nd in the womens’ top 2, so she advanced to the national finals for the second time.

In Vegas, she got her revenge on Archer Alley but failed the Double Dipper.
Anna Shumaker at the Los Angeles City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2018

Anna Shumaker at the Los Angeles City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2018

Team Competitions

Anna also competed as a member of The NorCal Ninjas captained by David Campbell in Team Ninja Warrior 2 and American Ninja Warrior Ninja Vs. Ninja.

Her appearance on Team Ninja Warrior 2 was actually her first televised ninja competition, competing just before ANW 9 in 2017.

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