Looking at the Curtain Slider, and was able to conquer it.

Andrew Karsen is an ANW competitor who competed in the first six seasons.

In American Ninja Warrior 1, his run was digested in qualifying, but it was shown that he finished the course in 47.1 seconds, placing 19th overall and moving onto the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, he had a strong pace through the course, especially on the back half of the course. He managed to finish in 1:41.2 minutes, guaranteeing him 11th place and a spot in the finals.

However, in the finals, he lost a lot of time on the first stage, clearing in the slowest time of 2:08.6 minutes. Despite blazing through the second stage in the 4th fastest time of 25.7 seconds, he achieved the same result as in the semi-finals, placing 11th again and narrowly missing out on Japan by just 5.3 seconds.

In ANW2, his run was digested, but it was shown that he finished the qualifying round in 1:06, enough to barely scrape into 30th place. But in the semi-finals, he had an early exit on the Cross Bridge after falling off the side of the course on the dismount, and did not move on.

In ANW3, Andrew cleared the first five obstacles in qualifying with ease, reaching the Warped Wall in under forty seconds. However, he was unable to scale it in three tries, despite doing so the previous two seasons. There was some controversy about this, as the dismount platform was wet after Ryoga Vee's fall, making Andrew's shoes wet and impacting his traction on the wall.

In ANW4, he returned to compete in the Midwest region. In qualifying, he got his revenge on the Cross Bridge and Warped Wall and cleared the course in 1:00, which was the fastest time. He cleared the regional finals in 3:15, enough for 2nd place and a spot in Vegas. In the Las Vegas Finals, he cleared the first four obstacles, but failed the Half Pipe Attack. This turned out to be his best overall result.

In ANW5, he cleared the Baltimore Qualifier in 1:34, coming in 8th place. However, he was one of three to fail the Warped Wall in the finals, despite beating it in qualifying, and did not move on.

In ANW6, he cleared the St. Louis Qualifier in 2:02, coming in 7th place. He then became one of 9 competitors to clear the city finals earning 3rd place and advancing to Vegas for the second time and first time since American Ninja Warrior 4. However, In Vegas, he was one of 28 people to fail the Silk Slider. He managed to land on the pad, but slid off into the water.

He has taken a break from it, but wanted to show his son that he still had it in American Ninja Warrior 10. He wasn't selected however.

ANW Results


American Ninja Warrior 4 Failed Half Pipe Attack 1st Stage
American Ninja Warrior 6 Failed Silk Slider 1st Stage
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