André Sihm (アンドレ・シム) is a parkour instructor whom competed in Ninja Warrior Sweden. In the first series, Sihm made his way to the finals where he was one of many that failed the Unstable Bridge during the First Stage.

He returned for the second Swedish series, making it to the finals once again where he failed the Cliffhanger, but became the Last Man Standing which granted him an invite to compete in SASUKE just like Alexander Mars.

At SASUKE, all his runs were digested. He wore number #85 and cleared both the First and Second stages with ease. At the Third Stage, he failed the Sidewinder R Kai when he tried to make the last transition. Despite that, he came impressively in fourth overall in that tournament.


Sihm attempting the Unstable Bridge during the first Swedish finals.

Sihm at the Cliffhanger during the second Swedish finals.


SWE Result Notes
1 Failed Unstable Bridge (First Stage, Final)
2 Failed Cliffhanger (Second Stage, Final) Last Man Standing.
SASUKE # Result Notes
32 85 Failed Sidewinder R Kai (Third Stage) First to fail Sidewinder R. Digest.
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