Alexander Mars (アレクサンダー・マーズ) is a representative of Sweden whom competed in SASUKE 31 due to being granted a spot as being the Last Man Standing in Ninja Warrior Sweden. He was given #84 and cleared the First Stage, although his run was cut. He subsequently went out on the Salmon Ladder Kudari, when the bar missed the last set of rungs.

Mars also took part in American Ninja Warrior: USA Vs The World in 2016, representing Team Europe for the very first time. He failed the Jumping Spider at Stage 1 and failed the Ultimate Cliffhanger at Stage 3.

Mars returned to the Swedish series, making it to the finals where he failed the Jumping Spider again during the finals.


Mars attempting the Cliffhanger.
Mars attempting the Cliffhanger during the first Swedish finals.

Mars before the Jumping Spider.
Mars right before attempting the Jumping Spider at the second Swedish finals.


SWE Result Notes
1 Failed Cliffhanger (Second Stage, Final) Last Man Standing.
2 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage, Final)
SASUKE # Result Notes
31 84 Failed Salmon Ladder Kudari (Second Stage) Digest
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