Adam Rayl is a concrete worker from Phoenix, Arizona. Rayl first attempted to compete on American Ninja Warrior as a walk-on in Kansas City in American Ninja Warrior 7, but was unsuccessful. He later went as a walk-on in American Ninja Warrior 8 and got accepted into Los Angeles.

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior 8

His run in qualifying was cut, but he was one of the many competitors that failed the I-Beam Cross. Rayl got there fast enough to earn a spot in the top 30, in which he placed 20th overall. In the city finals, he failed The Wedge but he placed 6th overall in the top 15.

In Vegas, he was one of 17 competitors that finished Stage 1, finishing with 4.74 seconds left on the clock. During stage 2, he became the first competitor of the night that cleared the Down Up Salmon Ladder but he failed the third obstacle, the Wave Runner. Rayl emerged as the final walk-on competitor by the end of the season.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Adam returned again to compete in LA in American Ninja Warrior 9 where he completed the qualifying course with the second fastest time of the night behind Grant McCartney.

In the city finals he was one of four competitors in the LA finals to finish the course. He finished the course placing 2nd behind Sean Bryan. Overall, Adam was one of just nine athletes that completed a city finals course that season.

In Vegas, he had a slip-up in Stage 1 on Parkour Run, but pushed through and cleared the course with 20.40 seconds left. In Stage 2, he started strong by getting his revenge on the Wave Runner but he failed the dismount on Wingnut Alley, losing his grip at the end.
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American Ninja Warrior 10

Adam returned in American Ninja Warrior 10 in LA once again. In qualifying he was the final runner of the night and was one of 10 athletes to clear the Doorknob Drop and complete the course. In addition however, Rayl managed to scale the Mega Warped Wall and earn $10,000. He became one of only six competitors that season do so.

Adam Rayl at the Los Angeles City Qualifiers - American Ninja Warrior 2018

Adam Rayl at the Los Angeles City Qualifiers - American Ninja Warrior 2018

Along with this, he returned in city finals where his run was digested but it was shown that he had a small scare on the Giant Cubes, almost losing his grip on the first cube. Despite this, he barely managed to complete it and ultimately had no trouble finishing the rest of the course. Rayl ultimately placed 6th overall.

On Stage 1, Rayl cleared with 23.76 seconds left on the clock, one of the fastest times of the first episode. He was hoping to make it to stage 3 and attempt the Water Walls at the very least, but he shockingly failed the Criss Cross Salmon Ladder, when the bar fell off the rung after he swung forward while turning around.

American Ninja Warrior 11


Adam Rayl reaching the rest bar on the Flying Bar, thus completing Cane Lane

Rayl returned for American Ninja Warrior 11, once again in Los Angeles. In qualifying, he said he was going for the fastest time and completing the Mega Wall once again, but he rushed and shockingly failed the Spin Hopper. His time was good enough for 17th place and to qualify for the city finals. In the city finals he run was digested, but it was shown that he was one of many who failed Leaps of Faith, as he failed to get the blind catch. He ultimately placed 7th overall and advanced to the national finals for the fourth year in a row.

In the national finals, he cleared Stage 1 with 37.66 seconds left. He had the second-fastest time in the first night, only behind Daniel Gil. In Stage 2, he impressed many by easily beating stage 2 and completing it with a handstand with one hand being on the buzzer with 30.80 seconds left. On Stage 3, he was able to beat the Ultimate Cliffhanger and Pipe Dream and was able to guide the cane easily on Cane Lane, but he couldn't reach the rest bar. This gassed him out and he began to slip a lot. He made a desperate reach with one hand and then his leg. However, he was still too far from the bar and slipped back, ending his run.


ANW Result Notes
ANW8 FailedWave Runner (Second Stage)
ANW9 Failed Wingnut Alley (Second Stage) Transition to Landing Platform.
ANW10 Failed Criss Cross Salmon Ladder (Second Stage)
ANW11 Failed Flying Bar (Third Stage) Transition to Resting Bar.

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