Adam Mihm is a crash-test engineer and two time American Ninja Warrior competitor.

He first competed in St. Louis on American Ninja Warrior 6. His run was digested in qualifying, but it was shown that he cleared the course, placing 25th and tying with Dave Cavanagh for the slowest clear. In the city finals, he managed to make it to the cut-off obstacle (the Rumbling Dice), but his time was too slow to move on.

He returned to compete in Pittsburgh on American Ninja Warrior 7. In qualifying, his run was cut but it was revealed that he finished the course in a much faster pace than last year, clearing with the 13th fastest time. In the city finals, he failed on the Floating Monkey Bars, but he reached the obstacle in the fastest time out of those who failed there, placing 8th overall at the end of the night and moving on to Vegas. However, in Vegas, he sadly failed the Jumping Spider.

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