Adam Grossman is a naval engineer, originally a competitive sprinter from Baltimore, Maryland.

American Ninja Warrior 3

Adam first tried out during the third season of American Ninja Warrior in Venice Beach. There, he made it to the Warped Wall, but could not make it up in his three attempts.

American Ninja Warrior 4

In American Ninja Warrior 4, Adam competed in the southeast region in Miami. He completed both the qualifying and finals course there finishing 12th overall. In the finals in Las Vegas, Adam made an early exit after failing on the Giant Swing due to his anxiety.

American Ninja Warrior 5

In American Ninja Warrior 5, Adam competed in his hometown of Baltimore. He finished the qualifying course there, with the 23rd fastest time, but fell on the Body Prop in the finals. However, this was good enough for a 13th place finish to qualify for the finals in Las Vegas for a second time.

During the finals, Adam was the first to clear the Jumping Spider, which had taken out over 40% of the competitors. Adam was making good time, but slipped on the third ball of the Spin Bridge and fell into the water.

American Ninja Warrior 6

In American Ninja Warrior 6, he competed in Miami again. He was able to clear the qualifying course and became one the Top 42 finishers. Grossman finished 24th overall.

In the city finals, he survived the Dancing Stones, in which he used a bunny hop technique to narrowly avoid off-balance. Athough he struggled on the last two, he was able to clear the course with the 6th time. In Vegas, he surprisingly failed the Jumping Spider, which he cleared last year.

American Ninja Warrior 7

In American Ninja Warrior 7, he competed in Pittsburgh and cleared the qualifying course again, placing 9th. In the finals, he cleared the first 7 obstacles but went out on the Floating Monkey Bars. However, he made it to Vegas for a fourth straight year, as he placed 11th overall. In Vegas, his run was cut, but he failed Sonic Curve.

American Ninja Warrior 9

After a one year absence, Adam returned in American Ninja Warrior 9 for Daytona, while his run was cut, it was known that he failed on the Wingnuts. This is his first time failing qualifying since American Ninja Warrior 3.

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