Adam Chatfield is a competitor from Perth, Western Australia, who has competed twice on Australian Ninja Warrior.

Australian Ninja Warrior

Adam first competed on the inaugural season of Australian Ninja Warrior, in the first heat (Heat 1). His run was all cut, but it was revealed that he managed to complete the qualifying course, placing 9th overall. In his semifinal (Semifinal 3), Adam struggled early on the course, almost failing both the Log Grip and Spinning Log. However, he managed to recover and continue his run, clearing the first six obstacles with ease. However, his strength ran out while attempting to grab the fifth and final spike of the Swinging Spikes, slipping into the water just inches from the platform. Unfortunately, his performance was not enough to move on to the Grand Final.

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

Adam returned to compete for a second season on Australian Ninja Warrior 2. He first competed in the same qualifying heat, Heat 1. Despite suffering a leg cramp that caused him to struggle on the cargo net portion of the Ball Swing to Cargo Net, he managed to clear the course in 10th place overall, moving on to the semi-finals. He later competed in the first semifinal heat, Semifinal 1. He had a good pace through the first four obstacles, but rushed the transition on the Sky Hooks and plummeted into the water. Sadly, he placed 9th overall, barely missing out on a chance at the Grand Final.

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