American Ninja Warrior 6

In his rookie year, he competed in St. Louis. In qualifying, he completed the course with a time of 1:27.19, finishing second. In the city finals, he failed in the Crazy Clffhanger but was able to qualify for the national finals, placing 12th. However, in Las Vegas, he failed the Silk Slider.

American Ninja Warrior 7

He returned in ANW 7 and ran the course in Pittsburgh. He failed the Devil Steps in qualifying, but was able to move on to the next round, placing 27th. In the city finals, he got revenge on the Devil Steps, but then failed in the eighth obstacle, the Floating Monkey Bars. Himelright placed 13th overall at the end of the night. In the national finals, he got revenge on the Silk Slider, but failed on the next obstacle, the Jumping Spider

# Result Note
ANW 6 Silk Slider Digest
ANW 7 Jumping Spider Digest
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