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Third Stage (KUNOICHI 7-8)


The first, second and ninth KUNOICHI competitions had no traditional Third Stage (stylized STAGE3), as there were only three stages, which denoted as the Final Stage.

The third tournament introduced a regular Third Stage, which, unlike the SASUKE counterpart, had a time limit, which no SASUKE competition ever had, despite the fact a timer was used on SASUKE 29. KUNOICHI 5 abandoned the full-stage time limit, reserving it for the final obstacle, and the next tournamentremoved the time limit altogether. The eighth tournament replaced the traditional format of the Third Stage, instead introducing a competitive, single obstacle challenge known as the Flying Roll, similar in concept to the Monster Box.

The ninth tournament once again only used three stages in similar fashion to the first two competitions, only for the traditional Third Stage format to return in the tenth tournament, renamed as the BLACK Stage to keep in pattern with the ninth tournament's color-based naming for its stages, with the exception of the Final Stage. The tournament would have five obstacles featured in the stage, the most in a single Third Stage in KUNOICHI history. This redesign brought most similarities to the Third Stage in SASUKE, as while previous competitions mainly relied on extreme balance-based obstacles, the new Third Stage featured obstacles mainly meant to test the upper body-strength of the competitors.

TBS Obstacles Names

Comp # Third Stage Obstacles Time Limit
3 Nirenbou Tourenban Tenbinbashi 90.0
4 Nirenbou Tourenban Tenbinbashi 90.0
5 Mujouheki Tourenban Mugendou 15.0 (Mugendou only)
6 Kenzandou Tourenban Tenbinbashi Unlimited
7 Kenzandou Tourenban Tourenbou Mashou Heki Unlimited
8 Flying Roll Unlimited
10 Propeller Untei Arm Bike Sponge Bridge Cliffhanger Pipe Slider Unlimited
11 Propeller Untei Arm Bike Sponge Bridge Planet Bridge Pipe Slider Unlimited

G4 Obstacle Names

Comp # Third Stage Obstacles Time Limit
3 Super Vault Domino Hill Pendulum Bridge 90.0
4 Super Vault Domino Hill Pendulum Bridge 90.0
5 Unforgiving Wall Domino Hill Dreamer's Road 15.0 (Dreamer's Road only)
6 Peg Jump Domino Hill Pendulum Bridge Unlimited
7 Peg Jump Domino Hill Magic Wall Unlimited
8 Flying Roll Unlimited


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