Đỗ Văn Quang is a businessman. He is one of the twelve competitiors to make in Final Stage on SASUKE Vietnam 2. He is so close to finish, but he time out only at the top of the tower.

On SASUKE Vietnam 1, he failed at Cliffhanger Kai in the first ledge after is second faster time on First Stage and faster time on Second Stage.

On SASUKE Vietnam 2, he failed Rope Climb on Final Stage just 1 second late.

On SASUKE Vietnam 3, he shocking failed Rope Ladder on Stage 1A.

On SASUKE Vietnam 4, he clear the Stage 1A with 42,71 seconds left, clear the Stage 2 with the time 1:44.80. On Stag 3, despite missing the chance to try the Ninja Killer Hang Climbing on previous season, he was still able to beat it, and became the second competitor ever to try the Crazy Cliffhanger, but he failed the transition from the third to fourth ledge.

The glazier man returned on SASUKE Vietnam 5, and once again beat the first 2 stages with ease, completed Stage 1A with 1:53.72 left and Stage 2 with 1:25.43 left. But in Stage 3, he failed on the Pipe Slider on the dismount


Competition Results Notes
SASUKE Vietnam 1 Falled Cliffhanger (Stage 3) The grip gave out at the first ledge
SASUKE Vietnam 2 Falled Rope Climb (Final Stage) Late 1 second.
SASUKE Vietnam 3 Falled Rope Ladder (Stage 1)
SASUKE Vietnam 4 Falled Crazy Cliffhanger (Stage 3) Transition to the final ledge.
SASUKE Vietnam 5 Failed Pipe Slider (Stage 3) Fall on dismount


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